New Year Reflections

It has many different names; wanderlust, the travel bug, vagabond dreams… Call it what you will, if you’re here, odds are you’ve got it. That feeling you get when you step onto foreign land for the first time, or the relentless drive to find out what’s just over the horizon; it’s something that is seemingly impossible to explain to people who don’t feel the same way.

But why do we do it? What pushes us onward when others around us seem content to live the 9 to 5, buy a house and settle down? Where does that spark come from?

The reasons are as numerous and unique as the individuals who hold them.

For me, I feel a connectedness with the world unlike any other when I find commonalities with a stranger across the globe who speaks a different language and comes from a culture vastly different than my own. It’s a genuine connection, the likes of which I know I could never find back home.

We tend to sleepwalk through our daily routines and relationships when we get too comfortable, but meeting new people abroad feels like being awake for the first time in a long while.

Maybe you’re a foodie who enjoys sampling exotic cuisines. Perhaps you’re a lover of the arts and want to walk in the footsteps of the world’s greatest artists. Or maybe you just read about your next destination in a book and figured, “why not?”. No matter your reason, don’t ever let anyone tell you it’s not a good one.

There will always be people who try dissuade you from your dreams. They will tell you that you’re being foolish or running away from your problems. They will stop at nothing to convince you that you need to fall in line and be like everyone else your age with their unsatisfying careers and starter homes.

What they’ll never understand is that our world is so much bigger than theirs, and when the whole world is your home, you would have to be crazy to put down roots in any one spot. That’s not to say that their advice is bad, but it is wrong for people like us with curiosity burning in our hearts.

We find ourselves again at the start of a new year; each of us ripe with unlimited possibility. This year, resolve to be boldly and unapologetically you. Go forth and do whatever it is that makes you happy.

The world is full of incredible people and places and our time here is short. Don’t waste a moment of it struggling under the weights of someone else’s fear and doubt. You are meant for bigger things.

Happy 2017, everyone. Here’s to the next adventure.