A photo of me standing on an outcropping of rock overlooking a valley

About Me

The Born Wanderer, Matt, in IcelandHi there. I’m Matt.

I always knew I wanted to see the world, but I had no clue how or where to begin. I would plan these fantastic adventures in my mind, but without fail, I’d find a way to convince myself that I wasn’t ready, I didn’t have enough money, or any other self-doubting excuse I could come up with.

Finally, in 2014, after an inspiring conversation with a stranger, I set aside my fears and took my first steps towards longterm travel. Now, I want to help you take those steps as well.

Why This Blog?

In getting ready for my first trip, I read through many different blogs. While there are some good, genuine travel sites out there, I was bothered by how much of their “advice” was just thinly veiled advertisements for hotels or restaurants that paid for positive reviews. You can’t claim to be writing for longterm travelers on one page, then recommend a $300 per night hotel on another. It just doesn’t add up.

That’s why I created The Born Wanderer; to be the voice of the everyman traveler. Every bit of information I share comes from my real world experience. Any gear I recommend is the same stuff I use while traveling. If I don’t truly believe it, I won’t try to convince you to believe it either.

What To Expect

There are plenty of travel blogs out there that claim to have all the answers. That’s not this blog. I make mistakes. I often get lost. I once ate a bad hamburger from a street vendor and got horribly sick. But you know what? I welcome it, and you should too, because travel isn’t perfect.

Real travel is about the experience. It’s not the picture-perfect selfies you see posted online. It’s the train you missed because you were sharing a bottle of wine with a new friend on the beach. It’s the boot you lost in the mud because you took the wrong trail to that waterfall you heard about.

This blog will never be “perfect” but it will always be real.   So I invite you to travel along with me and learn from my mistakes and my successes. When your time to travel comes around, you’ll be better prepared to travel smarter, longer, and for less money than you ever thought possible.

It’s a great big world out there. Let’s get started.